Our Cause

Ubiquitous authentic leadership.

Our Code


We bring who we are, talk straight and enable authenticity in others.

We work with the root of issues  so that they do not re-emerge.

What we do will matter, and make a difference to you

Sustained change is based in sustained relationships

What we put into place will stand the test of time

Why Choose Holos?



“Plenty of good anecdotes, meaningful insight and a thought provoking vision of the future, Neil provided a stimulating session that must have been good because people started Tweeting about it immediately afterwards!”

Wayne Garvie - Sony
"Mark has added considerable value to the business. I have benefited personally from his wise counsel as has the broader management team. Mark has the ability to get to the issues and encourage a positive solution, building an environment of trust.”

Nigel Cliffe - managing Director
“Mark's charismatic style and engaging personality assist in his ability to inspire. His intuitive tact allows him to deal with openness at the highest level, promoting the self-awareness required for lasting change. Given the option I would choose Mark above any other change agent I have ever worked with.” 

Andy Williams - senior Consultant
“I have known and worked with Neil since mid 2011 in an ethical leadership programme for senior executives at a global energy major. Neil is a thoughtful, reflective and highly capable facilitator of complex and challenging decisions. He models the highest standards of personal integrity and authenticity.”

Roger Steare - Cass Business School
"I cannot recommend Mark more highly. He quickly creates a climate of trust. He is an excellent coach with an ability to support and challenge people to be the change they want to see. He is an expert and will leave a lasting impression on organisations and people lucky enough to work with him."

Dorothy Matthew - Change Director
“Neil is an exceptional thinker and adviser. He has a gift for seeing a big picture that challenges assumptions. This, combined with his skills in coaching, make him a powerful agent for change and strategic thinking.”

Mark Curtis - Fjord

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